Our Freelance Project

For part of our business course this year at college we had to do a freelance project of anything of our choice. I chose to work with Fotis and Tom on a gig night at The Shed, my next few posts will contain videos from that night Advertisements

Gig practice

Today in practice we decided on the two new songs we are going to be doing for our final ever performance at Leicester College! We decided to do songs that have a lot more energy to them and a bit more exciting. We decided on Four Kicks by Kings of Leon and Birth in Reverse […]

Freelance Project

At college for part of our business course we have to complete four projects, one of them being a freelance project where we get to choose a project to work on. I have chosen to team up with Fotis and Tom to set up a gig night. In order to complete this part we have […]

03/03/17 Band Practice

Today in Band Practice we set ourselves 4 targets, 3 to work on in the session and 1 to work on away from the band. Our three targets for the time in practice were: Run Through All Our Current Songs Record Our Original Decide On Band Name We decided to start of with recording our […]